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Wednesday 8th
10.30 - 11.45
Corporate & Commercial


Ian McDougall
Alice Namuli Blazevic
Max Davis- panel Chair

A8 : Is your legal practice sustainable if you can be replaced by algorithms and robots?

Robot lawyers are here, and they are not going away. The best-known legal firm in the US is no longer a traditional law firm, rather the legal advice platform Indeed, across the corridor, in 2014, 48 million Americans used online tax preparation software rather than traditional tax accountants. However, as in so much legal advice, where does the exercise of judgement come in? A machine cannot think or reason, so most aspects of what we do are safe. Really? Or, are science fiction scenarios with us already. Will artificial intelligence put “real” lawyers and other legal professionals out of business and is this the future of legal and professional practice? In any event, what are the challenges and how will the profession deal with them?

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