Pheona Wall SC, MCIARB


Pheona is an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and subordinate courts thereto and a Chartered mediator and arbitrator. She is the President Emeritus of Uganda Law Society and Secretary General of the Pan African Lawyers Union and the Managing Partner Nabasa and Company Advocate.

She is a Governance Expert and Executive coach serving as the CEO of the League of East African Directors and has also served on various Boards including Zamara Retirement Fund, the Judiciary Council, the East African Business Council, Water FC, Future Investments Group, East African Young Water Professionals, Uganda Law Society, and Public Relations Association of Uganda. A resource in both private and public enterprises with thorough knowledge and hands-on experience in Public relations, company secretarial practice, corporate governance, labour law, contract and commercial transactions, Pheona combines a solid corporate legal background with a well-developed understanding of both commercial and operational drivers of business. She is passionate about promoting good governance and change management in public institutions, increasing access to justice for the marginalised especially women and children, and promoting the rule of law. She is an ardent advocate for ethical practice under her mantra, “Faithful~Available~Teachable “. She is a proud mother of three children and happily married.