Shikin Datu Gulam


SIKIN is a member of Sabah Law Society since 2006. She majored in Cyber Law and Intellectual Property in MARA Technology University and her practice area are both Civil and Criminal litigation, Conveyancing as well as Syari’e law. She previously joined as Legal Associate of Vice President in Khazanah Nasional Berhad Group, an investment arm of Malaysia Government and handled multi billions mega projects such as Legoland Malaysia, Datai Langkawi and etc. Thereafter, she
founded her own legal firm under the name of Messrs Sikin&Co, Malaysia who also has office facilities under Regus International.
Sikin in helping women pro-borno, she had experienced in handling cases globally at San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles by using Artificial Intelligence lawyers. She produced books on how to combat Covid-19 global impacts based on her Ph.D research. She had also been awarded as Women Icon by World Women Council, 100 Sabah Women Inspirational Awards, 100 Malaysia Top Young CEO, 100 Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs, Women Excellence Awards as well as being featured as “Nona Superwomen” in Nona Magazine and many more.