Stephen KY Wong

Hong Kong

Currently a practising barrister, an arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission and a qualified dispute resolver of Academy of Experts (London), Mr Wong had graduated from the University of Hong Kong before he was awarded with a Government Legal Scholarship to further his studies and professional training in the United Kingdom.  He obtained his Master in Laws (Intellectual Property, Marine Business and Insurance, Civil Litigation) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as the qualification of a practising solicitor from the Supreme Court of England and Wales.  Upon return to Hong Kong, he joined the then Attorney General’s Chambers as a Crown Counsel, and assumed various posts including Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Head of China Law and Basic Law, Deputy Solicitor-General, Secretary-General of the Law Reform Commission and Privacy Commissioner of Hong Kong.  Since 2020 Mr Wong private practice has been focusing on Public International Law, Data and Information Law, Patient Autonomy and Doctor Paternalism, Commercial Law, Company, Trust and Economic Criminal Law by providing professional legal advice and court advocacy services to local, mainland and overseas public, private and multi-national organisations, as well as small and medium-size enterprises.  Current community services include Member of the HKSAR Election Committee (Legal), Director of China Law Society, Expert Member of Shenzhen Municipal Law Compliance Commission, Expert Member of FinTech Committee of Asian Financial Cooperation Association, Director of Hong Kong Genome Institute, Adjunct Law Professor of Beijing Normal University, Chairman of the Independent Vetting Committee of Hong Kong Institute of Big Data, Executive Committee Member of Hong Kong International Law Association and Honorary Adviser of Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.  Mr Wong’s publications include two works on Hong Kong Privacy Law (one published in English and the other in Chinese language), and chapters on data related issues in international medical and health journals.