CLC 2021 Presentations

If you were unable to attend the conference, or just want to experience the presentations again, some of CLC 2023’s speakers have made their presentations available to view exclusively on CLA Connect.

Desire Artesi - Taking the courts to the people

Fiona Scolding QC - Inquisitorial justice in action

Fiona Scolding QC - Mandatory mediation - an oxymoron?

Fiona Scolding QC - Who is a woman - Sex, gender and the courts

Jerome Lynch QC - It's just ethics

Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu - Corruption and transparency

Justice Colin Makail - Will travelling courts bring access to Justice?

Leonardo Raznovich - The Privy Council hinders the progress of LGBTI rights in the Caribbean

Lord Justice McCloskey - Oversight and accountability

Saul Lehrfreund - Capital Punishment in the Commonwealth

Victor Muruako - Financial services best practice

Susan Clayton - Corporate Social Responsibility: an oxymoron? Philanthropy versus commercial reality?

Kimberley Williams - Will your legal practice survive in the 2020s? Essentials for maintaining a successful law practice.

The Rt Hon Lord Justice B McCloskey- Curtailing personal liberties in the Pandemic

David A Lavery - Is democracy sustainable given the rise of autocracy ?

Mr Justice V Kokaram - Is the adversarial system a sustainable path to justice ?

The Rt Hon Lord Justice B McCloskey - Reflections on Judicial responsibility

Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu -Judicial oversight and accountability : the rise of the watchdog

Francisca Pretorius - Military Justice

Peteche Bethell - How do we support lawyers' mental health

Chief Justice Sir Gibuma Gibbs Salika, GCL, KBE, CSM, OBE - Climate rights as a human right

Mickael Laurans - Post Brexit trade in the Commonwealth

Joyce Oduah -Sexism in the legal profession - time's up

Desiree Artesi - Whither the Judicial Committee of the privy Council ?