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Recent Developments in the Privy Council: Cases, Tips and Tactics

25th May 2023

The Commonwealth Lawyers Association invites you to join us for a discussion chaired by John McKendrick KC, and led by Richard Clayton KC, Rowan Pennington-Benton and Desiree Artesi with a focus on recent developments in the Privy Council: cases, tips and tactics.

Our panellists Richard Clayton KC will be speaking about the Privy Council’s Syraj, proportionality and other cases, whilst Rowan Pennington-Benton will be discussing recent important process changes. For example, that when an appellant now files an appeal that raises concurrent findings of fact the Board now gives an appellant only 30 mins to persuade them to hear the case.

We are excited to have Desiree Artesi also joining our panel, an expert barrister in the fields of commercial law, property, international and appeals to the Privy Council. Desiree will be covering the case of Chantelle Day and use of “ existing laws” clauses? Also with reference to comparative application by analogy with Caribbean Court of Justice case law.

Date: 25th May 2023


8.00 am Jamaica

9.00 am The Bahamas / Dominica / Trinidad and Tobago

2.00 pm United Kingdom

2.00 pm Nigeria

3.00 pm Zambia

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Richard Clayton KC
Rowan Pennington-Benton
Desiree Artesi

There will be a Q and A opportunity following our panel discussion. Should you wish to submit a question prior to the session, please email info@commonwealthlawyers.com referencing this event. Questions can also be submitted using the Q&A function during the webinar itself.