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“Introduction to AI and Ethics for Lawyers” webinar

12th October 2023

Episode 1/6

  • Definition of AI and its relevance to the legal profession, including its impact on the legal industry.
  • Ethical considerations in AI for lawyers, including potential bias, transparency, and accountability.
  • Introduction to the topics that will be covered in subsequent episodes.

Practical examples

Exploring the impact of AI on the legal industry, including its benefits and challenges.
Discussing the ethical considerations in using AI tools and technologies in legal practice, such as potential bias, transparency, and accountability.

Time: 11am ADT /3pm BST /4pm CAT /5pm Nairobi / 10pm Hong Kong

Date: Thursday 12st October 2023

Stephen KY Wong
Linda Bonyo
Ian McDougall

Maria Mbeneka
Catherine Kariuki-Mulika

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The series comprises an additional 5 episodes exploring  the role of AI cross practice as follows:

  • Episode 2 November 2023 : AI and Ethics in Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Episode 3 January 2024 : AI and Ethics in Contract Review and Due Diligence
  • Episode 4  February 2024 : AI and Ethics in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Episode 5 March 2024 : AI and Ethics in Intellectual Property
  • Episode 6 April 2024 : AI and Ethics in Access to Justice