Magna Carta to Commonwealth Charter Continues its Journey
The Magna Carta Exhibition continues its journey through the Commonwealth as it says goodbye to Osgoode Hall and hello to Barbados  Follow the route here
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CLA Appoints A New Honorary Life President
During its General Meeting at the 19th Commonwealth Law Conference in Glasgow, the CLA membership appointed Mr Soli Sorabjee Honorary Life President recognising his life long devotion to the law
On: May 2015 Read more
The Commonwealth Lawyers Association is delighted to announce the appointment of its new President Mr Alex Ward and the new Vice President Mr Santhaan Krishnan Ramamurthi
On: 17th April 2015 Read more

We have moved to: 88 Kingsway, London, WC2B6AA 

The phone, fax and email at the old Russell Square address no longer function PLEASE DO NOT USE THE OLD email address as we will not receive your email  

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CLA is a pan-Commonwealth organisation which seeks to uphold the rule of lawin the Commonwealth by encouraging exchange of ideas between legalprofessionals, academics and students, through projects and bydriving improvements in legal education.  It holds a number of shortevents throughout the year and has a biennial conference the Commonwealth Lawconference which regularly attracts over 1,000 delegates including some ofthe finest legal professionals in the world today to discuss issues of interestto the profession over a four day period  In 2016 the CLA will continue its series bringing international workshops to local jurisdictions See below for details


This two day Master Workshop in conjunction with the Cyprus Bar is another in our series of "international excellence in your local jurisdiction" events.  For further information and to register interest please visit the website
CLA announces its new logo!
We hope you like it
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Commonwealth Leagal Information Institute
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