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Our Partners

There are a range of high value sponsorship and advertising opportunities for partnership organisations wishing to reach and connect with our members.

All sponsorships are respectful of the work and mission we are conducting and the revenues raised go directly to supporting our mission and projects throughout the Commonwealth. It will also allow us to invest in new technology to enhance connectivity, utilise expert support on our projects and build engagement between our members, further expanding our reach and impact.

Here are just a few ways that we can share your brand with our members:

Exposure – We can place your brand in front of active, industry-leading lawyers, academics and professionals, who are all aligned with your target market.

Thought-leadership – Be part of the conversation through collaborative thought-leadership or commissioned content.

Brand alignment – CLA is a brand with integrity. We only partner with brands that share the same foundations of support and ethics.

From mutually-beneficial logo exchanges, full sponsorship of our conference or collaborating on content, there is something to suit all potential partners.

We look forward to partnering with you.