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Young Lawyers

Why become a Young Lawyers?

Young Lawyer membership provides an opportunity to serve the legal profession in the Commonwealth by contributing to initiatives and projects relating to the profession and rule of law. Young Lawyer members have a vital role to play as the CLA undergoes a process of consolidation and renewal.

Young Lawyers are driven by the Association’s objective to maintain and promote the rule of law in the Commonwealth. The Young Lawyer Officers are mandated to promote the interests of Young Lawyer throughout the Commonwealth through the advancement of this objective.

Through the work of these Young Lawyer Officers, who act as a champions for the CLA, YCLA members benefit from learning about:

  • Issues of concern locally and within the wider region that impact the rule of law
  • Relevant projects, activities and events that are taking place locally and within the wider region that would be of benefit to you and your career
  • News items and social media content that is relevant to your interests, career development and/or area of study
  • CLA-branded events such as lectures, seminars, training workshops etc

In addition, you will have all the other benefits of being a CLA members:

  • Access to Association news, insights and invites
  • A heavily discounted rate to attend the Commonwealth Law Conference 2023 in Goa
  • Newsletter and statements straight to your inbox
  • Opportunity to get involved in CLA projects
  • Opportunity to submit or contribute to articles and think-pieces

The current Young Commonwealth Lawyers Committee are as follows:

Name Jurisdiction
Hadassah Igoche Nigeria
Siddharth Sijoria India
Africa Hub
Felisters Francisco Malawi
Daniel Gasaatura Rwanda
Daphine Ntananga Uganda
Stella Wutete Zimbabwe
Americas Hub
Mariam Gagi Canada
Gina Abraham-Thomas Dominica
Krysteen Ormond JP The Falkland Islands
Tianah M Foster Saint Lucia, Americas Hub
Moureeze Franklin St Vincent and The Grenadines
Chloe McMillan Trinidad and Tobago
Davanya Deveaux Turks and Caicos Islands
Australasia Hub
Taylah Spirovski Australia
Varea Seduadua Fiji
Geoffrey Yeung Hong Kong
Sharon Tam Hong Kong
Hawwa Reena Hassan Maldives
 Ann Matalasi Samoa
Eresha Weerasuriya Sri Lanka
Paraskevas Savvides Cyprus
Camilla Hart England and Wales
Maximilian Taylor England and Wales, Lawyer in training
Laura Chetcuti Dimech Malta, Student representative
Joanna Robinson YCLA rep on CLC2025 Papers Committee,England and Wales
Santhaan Krishnan Young Lawyer Mentor/ Hon. Life President,India

If you have any more questions about becoming a member of the YCLA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

We’d love you to join us.

Hadassah Igoche and Siddharth Sijoria
Co Chairs, YCLA

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