Maintaining and promoting the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth.

Young Lawyers’ Survey

The CLA has existed since 1986. It’s aim is to maintain and promote the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth by ensuring that an independent and efficient legal profession serves the people of the Commonwealth. We need your help.

Statement on the proposed
amendments to the
Constitution of Zambia

CLA are concerned about the impact the Zambian Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019 (the ‘Amendment Bill’) may have on the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, if adopted.

Child Marriage Project

Almost 60 per cent of all child marriages globally occur within the Commonwealth. That is stark, and it must change.

The Commonwealth Lawyer Journal

Including Articles On:
• Parliamentary Privilege and its Abuse in Trinidad and Tobago
• Cross-Border Succession Issues
• The Rule against Hearsay, Indigenous Claims and Story-Telling
• The Issue of Corruption in Public Procurement
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Our Sponsors


Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) is a membership organisation for professional lawyers, academics and students practising within the Commonwealth, although it welcomes qualified international lawyers and academics with an interest in its work.
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