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Maintaining and promoting the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth.

We maintain and promote the rule of law throughout the Commonwealth.

CLA seeks to uphold the rule of law by encouraging exchanges between members of the profession through projects, conferences and workshops and by driving improvements in legal education.

CLA regularly engages with other Commonwealth organisations on Commonwealth working groups and projects and is an accredited partner organisation of The Commonwealth.

CLA holds a conference in a Commonwealth member state every two years. Our last conference was in Livingstone, Zambia in April 2019 and the next will be in The Bahamas in 2021 . For more information about the Commonwealth Law Conference please visit the conference website where you will find regular updates.

CLA also supports a number of smaller, regular events throughout the Commonwealth (see our events section). All our events are open to CLA members.

The CLA’s objectives, as enshrined in its Constitution, are to maintain and promote the rule of law in the Commonwealth by:

  • Ensuring that a common bond of Commonwealth is preserved and fostered
  • Strengthening professional links between members of the legal profession
  • Maintaining the honour and integrity of the profession
  • Promoting uniformity in the standards of professional ethics
  • Encouraging improved standards of education
  • Promoting the administration of justice and protection of human rights in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Harare Declaration of 1991, Milbrooke Action Programme of 1995 and the Latimer House Guidelines of the Commonwealth of 1998 (now referred to as the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles on the accountability of and relationship between the three branches of Government), and the Commonwealth Charter 2013.