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Paraskevas C. Savvides

Paraskevas C. Savvides, is an advocate and Legal Consultant practitioner specializing in diverse areas of law within his jurisdiction, boasting a formidable academic background. He holds an L.L.B. Hons degree from the University of the West of England. In 2021, Paraskevas C. Savvides successfully passed legal counsel examinations administered by the Office of the Attorney General and the Cyprus Bar Association. Furthermore, he holds an L.L.M. (Master of Laws) in Criminal Justice and Human Rights from University of Cyprus. Additionally he holds a distinguished diploma in Judicial Psychology/Criminology. Paraskevas C. Savvides actively immerses himself in conferences and seminars pertaining to criminal law and human rights. He undertakes the organization and active participation in various seminars centered around the noble cause of human rights and the intricate realm of criminal law. Having formerly been a licensed legal practitioner in Cyprus, Paraskevas C. Savvides served as a member of the district bar association board, thus amassing invaluable experience. He has garnered substantial experience through his tenure at esteemed law firms and has recently embarked on the establishment of his own legal practice in Paphos, Cyprus, expertly handling various cases across a broad spectrum of law