Africa / CLA President’s Report on Uganda


During the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference in Kampala, Uganda, between 24th and 28th September 2019 I took the opportunity of contacting the Uganda Law Society (ULS). I had met with their President Simon Kinobe at the Law Society of Kenya annual conference in Mombasa in August. Simon, when contacted, informed me that he was in Seoul for the IBA meeting but suggested that I speak to Pheona Wall, the Vice President of ULS. 

Pheona and I agreed to meet and I spent an inspirational time with her reviewing the work of the CLA, considering the position of ULS and understanding some of the challenges that lawyers in Uganda experienced. 

She explained their unique system of legal aid which is partially funded by the lawyers in Uganda themselves but also receives international support. I believe that strengthening international collections between ULS and the CLA will be of mutual benefit. The approach of the CLA to conferences, information sharing and capacity building seemed in tune with the requirements of the Uganda Law Society and I hope that the CLA will be able to build upon the relations with ULS. 

That these relations have already a strong foundation was evident as Pheona recalled how she had met with Santhaan Krishnan, our previous President (who else!) in Dar Es Salaam. While with Pheona I took a photograph with her and sent it by WhatsApp to the CLA Council and Exco referencing her greeting to Santhaan who responded with his customary alacrity to reciprocate Pheona’s greeting.

I was very grateful to be able to build upon a successfully established relationship with ULS and have no doubt that ULS will both be continuing members of the CLA and active participants in our conference in the Bahamas.