CLA News / A message from CLA’s President on Commonwealth Day


“Society, collectively or individually, however small, large, even national or supra-national, from whichever corner of the world, has much which is unique to offer. Sharing, on the one part and appreciating uniqueness on the other, adds value and gives meaning to life. On a broader canvass, with its local and geographical spread, we could name it the Socio-Cultural aspect of all our lives and existences.

While being able to see the common thread that passes through all human beings and across societies, we are able to appreciate and to celebrate diversity which is inherent in every individual and the society of which that individual is part.

I believe that it was to build recognition and to give meaning to these basic truths that the Commonwealth as a concept was born 70 years ago.

While traversing the Commonwealth in the past, more than two years with my ‘Mission Commonwealth Connect’, I have been able to perceive, first hand, the common and sometimes fragile (but always there) thread of our collective striving to promote democracy, good governance, human rights and above all the Rule of Law throughout the Commonwealth, our aim being that we should stand as a beacon for the entire world to emulate.”

(R. Santhana Krishnan)
Commonwealth Lawyers Association.