CLA News / An introduction from Steven Thiru, CLA Vice President Australasia


I am pleased to say a few words in this newsletter for the Australia region of the CLA. We are indeed grateful for the contributions to this edition of our newsletter and invite readers to make submissions for future additions.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the CLA has been very active in the Australasia region. We have worked with our individual and institutional members on issues of mutual concern. Chief among them have been the challenges faced by the legal profession in these troubling times. We hosted two webinars in 2020 on the different approaches taken in the region to deal with the “new normal”, and to confront the erosion of the rule of law.

Plans are afoot to start 2021 with renewed vigour and purpose. From 18th February to 11th March the CLA, together with LawAsia, the Law Council of Australia and the South Pacific Lawyers Association, will be organising a series of webinars on constitutional and rule of law challenges. These webinars will deal with many current issues and is also intended to reach out to the legal profession in the South Pacific Islands. The details of this webinar series may be found here and I encourage you to join us. We are also planning to organise an event that will look at the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka. It will have the objective of showing solidarity with the lawyers and judges in Sri Lanka in their pursuit of justice.

Best wishes for 2021.

Steven Thiru

Vice President Australasia