CLA News / Borneo Rainforest Law Conference session report: Plenary 2 on Climate Justice Theory and Reality


The session started with a short video from Lexi’s Nexis’ mobile justice project in Borneo and the breadth and scope of its work.

Justice Brian Preston of Australia described the concepts of climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.  He then turned to the description of distributive, procedural and recognition justice and provided an excellent overview of the legal framework through which  to view climate justice.

Fiona McLeod of Australia expanded on the approaches for climate change litigation including tort litigation, the use of the precautionary principle, the responsibility to protect, and expanding the concept of rights protection to nature.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Commonwealth reminded the audience that the combined  expertise of policy makers, judges, lawyers and politicians is critical—and that no one group alone will solve the climate crisis.

Download Justice Preston’s presentation here

Download Fiona’s presentation here

Laurie Pawlitza

CLA Vice President Americas