CLA News / The Borneo Rainforest Law Conference 2024, Kota Kinablau, Sabah, Malaysia


Organised in partnership with the Sabah Law Society, we look forward to 26th-28th February 2024 as an opportunity to meet in Kotu Kinabalu, Malaysia with climate justice at the forefront of the agenda. Offering a unique platform to explore perspectives from a diverse and experienced pan-Commonwealth speaking faculty, the rule of law will serve as a prism through which we examine and discuss the pressing issues surrounding climate justice.

The conference programme is divided into three daily streams, focusing on climate justice, the rule of law, and corporate issues. In addition to the main sessions, we are also developing exciting side events, including a specially tailored Young Lawyers programme and ample networking opportunities.

We have high expectations for the outcomes of this conference and its thematic discussions. Firstly, we anticipate that delegates and stakeholders will gain valuable insights by sharing challenges, experiences, best practices, and innovations related to climate change and the rule of law. These shared learnings will inform their respective mandates and contribute to a better understanding of these critical issues.

Secondly, the discussions will support an analysis of the interconnectedness between human rights and climate change. We aim to explore how human rights obligations, standards, and principles can play a pivotal role in strengthening international, regional, and national movements to address climate change effectively.

Moreover, participants will benefit from the substantive basis provided by this conference to issue follow-up recommendations on issues related to climate change. By leveraging the expertise and diverse perspectives of our speakers and participants, we hope to pave the way for meaningful action and positive change.

Lastly, we seek to reinforce the international bond of legal fraternity by creating a platform for networking and the sharing of experiences among legal professionals. This conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about climate justice and the rule of law.

We are excited about the Borneo Rainforest Law Conference and the wealth of knowledge and experiences that will be shared during this three-day event. Join us as we strive to create a sustainable future and address the challenges of our ever-evolving world.

We look forward to welcoming you and we encourage you to check the CLA newsletter and website for regular updates, with the event website launch in prospect at the end of August.

Roger Chin, President, Sabah Law Society

Steven Thiru, CLA Council member