Africa / Note from the Africa Hub Newsletter Editor and CLA Africa Vice-President


Welcome to the roaring twenties! We hope you all had a wonderful festive period and that you are ready to make this the decade of plenty. Apologies for the delay in publishing this edition but we hope it was worth the wait.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this newsletter features current legal news and events from across the African Commonwealth.

It is meant to feature thought pieces on legal news and events rather than academic pieces. We would like to thank all of you who did make submissions to this edition.

The edition features on everything from mentorship programmes to presidential petitions, to the easing of visa restrictions in Africa’s most populated country. In this edition we are happy to announce that we have submissions from West, East and Southern Africa. Once again, we encourage diversity of thought and perspective in our articles and we invite you to continue to make your voices heard. We wish you a year of abundance in all aspects of your lives! Chileshe (Cheers)!

Linda Kasonde, CLA Africa Vice-President


Hello and happy new year!

As the frenzy of the festive period dies down and the new year begins, everyone is settling back into work and general daily routines. Goals and resolutions are being set, some realistic and attainable, others not so much.

What is your big goal and big idea for this year? What is that one thing that you can safely say, if it gets accomplished, you would consider the year a success? Find it, focus on it, achieve it and let’s celebrate a successful year together.

We are continuously grateful for all the article submissions we continue to receive. We hope to engage with those who take time to write to us and work towards improving the quality of our articles and newsletter. The goal is to improve our readers’ experience with each newsletter. So with your continued support and enthusiasm, let us make the Africa Hub newsletter an experience we all cherish.

Edwina Mazunda, Editor CLA Africa Hub Newsletter