Africa / Raise your hand if one or more of your 2020 goals remain unaccomplished

Edwina Mazunda - Newsletter Editor

Raise your hand if one or more of your 2020 goals remain unaccomplished. Goal setting constitutes a great part of most people’s new year routines and by the time it’s June, they hope that many of the goals set would have been ticked off their lists.

No doubt 2020 came with its own agenda despite all the plans we might have made. You might be experiencing an array of emotions about everything that has taken place thus far, so here’s my reminder of a few things to hold on to:

The year is not done and you still have time. Make of this whatever you will, translate it however you wish and apply it wherever it will work for you, but hold on to that. Keep working at your goals because this year is not wasted.

If we get to the end of this phase, lockdowns, and everything else this period comes with, and you don’t feel like your goals have been met and your life has been lived, you would still have done an amazing job of surviving the pandemic. You would have taken care of your mental health and helped to save the world by staying indoors when that was all that was required of you.

And if you’ve had to survive some form of domestic violence or another, if you’ve had to deal with the loss of family or friends, provided emotional support to frontline family members, we hope that you will heal from the experience and in appropriate cases, get the justice due to you and yours.

Whatever state this newsletter finds you in, we hope that it will bring you some enlightenment during this period.