Australasia / A win for Queensland!


Queenslanders are celebrating after Queensland Parliament just passed the Human Rights Act. After four years of working together to push for a game-changing reform, the moment has finally arrived. A huge congratulations to our friends in the Human Rights Act for Queensland campaign. We hope you enjoy your big win on this historic day. Here’s what Tom Clarke and Lee Carnie at the Human Rights Law Centre had to say:

“This is an inspirational victory for all of us, because it’s a reminder of what can be achieved when people come together to stand up for what we believe in. When we build the kind of society we want to live in, and for children to grow up in. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and we made sure politicians listened. Thank you to everyone who took action, supported the campaign and emailed Premier Palaszczuk in the final push for reform.

With Queensland’s Human Rights Act passed, we will now be focusing our efforts on a national Charter of Human Rights that protects us all. We know our lives are always better when we treat each other with respect and compassion. And we are now one huge step closer to a national Charter of Rights that will ensure the values we all hold dear, like fairness and equality, are properly respected and upheld in our laws.

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Tom and Lee”