CLA News / From the CLA Africa Hub Women Lawyers Initiative, an interview with Kondwa Sakala-Chibiya: “Be the change you want to see”


The first in a series of interviews showcasing women lawyers across Africa, Darshani Parsuraman, an ExCo Committee member, interviews Kondwa Sakala-Chibiya from Zambia. A former President of the SADC Lawyers Association, Vice Chair of the Zambian Human Rights Commission, past Honorary Secretary of the Law Association of Zambia, arbitrator and managing partner of a Zambian law firm, Kondwa discusses her career, achievements, the challenges she has faced and what keeps her engaged with her role in a  lively, engaging exchange. Practicing law for 25 years with a strong pedigree of public service and commitment to female rights and access to justice, we can think of no better lawyer to launch our new initiative.

Please follow the link to hear about Kondwa’ s fascinating career which is an inspiration to many lawyers throughout the Hub. Her motto “Be the change you want to see” has resonance for us all.